Christopher Proto

Christopher Proto brings nearly 30 years of technology and business experience to his role as CEO of EfficiencyNext. His approach to technology is informed by his many entrepreneurial endeavors, rich arts background, experience working in and with a broad array of organizations, and successful service in a variety of executive business positions. 

Paul Katz
President & Chief Software Architect

Paul Katz brings 20 years of experience to his role as President of EfficiencyNext. Serving as the lead architect of EfficiencyNext’s homegrown technology, Paul actively assesses common needs across current and future clients, and works with the team to build common core technologies all clients can benefit from. Paul also works with several clients of EfficiencyNext, and enjoys being on the front lines of their software projects.

Sheena Walker
Senior Software Developer 

Sheena Walker brings 12 years of experience to her role as a Senior Software Developer at EfficiencyNext. Building with and supporting a variety of Microsoft technologies, Sheena is an expert at both development technologies such as .NET, as well as platform technologies including Microsoft Azure, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Abraham Kifle
Senior Software Developer 

Abraham Kifle brings 13 years of experience to his role as Senior Software Developer at EfficiencyNext. Straddling the need to pragmatically support existing technologies while at the same time actively learning about new ones, Abraham has developed expertise in model-view-controller design patterns, as well as several front-end technologies.