EfficiencyNext LLC Launches Today

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EfficiencyNext LLC Launches Today

The former software development division of LimeLeap sees exciting things in the future

Washington DC, United States – March 1st, 2015 – Today, the software development division of LimeLeap completes its 17 month plan to spin-off into a separate company. This new company, EfficiencyNext LLC, will retain all of the division’s employees, including Paul Katz, an employee of 13 years, who will serve as the company’s President. Christopher Proto, former Executive Vice President of LimeLeap, who has 15 years of history with the company, will be stepping up to become EfficiencyNext’s CEO. For customers of LimeLeap’s software development division, little will change, as Paul explains.

“We worked with Marco Luzuriaga, CEO of LimeLeap, to insure we took the proper amount of time to transition into a separate unit. We finished the heavy lifting as early as last October, setting up our support infrastructure in the cloud, and setting up new office space convenient to all client sites. Today, we are launching our brand and new email addresses.”

EfficiencyNext LLC will continue to support the former LimeLeap software development clients, and honor all warranty, contract, and rate agreements. As for what’s next, the team is very excited about what it will be offerings its clients, current and future.

“Expect a lot more support for the cloud. We’re already well versed in Microsoft Azure cloud offerings, and as we continue to plug them into our free platform technologies, our clients will benefit from tremendous economies of scale the cloud offers.”

Friday, February 27th, the last day at LimeLeap for the team, was bittersweet. As Sheena Walker reflected on her tenure at LimeLeap, she reminded two fellow staff members also making the transition that the technically necessary LimeLeap resignation letter was the only one either of them had ever written. Indeed, LimeLeap is a company many employees found right after college, and never wanted to leave.

Today they do, but will bring to EfficiencyNext LLC the culture of customer service, technical excellence, and client success which has helped the team maintain enduring client relationships over the last 15 years.

“We love what we do for our clients. We take their mission and make it our own. We’ve always believed that’s a critical ingredient for success.”




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