Cloud Platform Adoption


EfficiencyNext continues to actively help organizations realize the benefits that cloud technologies have to offer, by both porting existing applications to the cloud, as well as by building new cloud-native applications for our clients. We also help our clients move to Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

The team at EfficiencyNext has been developing systems for over a decade, and can attest to what the shift to cloud computing means. Gone are the days where expensive hardware and software needed to be purchased upfront. We’ve seen our clients reduce their technology infrastructure costs by 50% to 90%, given the type of scale and type of each cloud migration.

The ability to store and manage your information from applications hosted on the Internet is changing the flexibility and scope of what your tools can do for you.    Cloud-based applications can expand in size and speed as you need them, be more easily integrated with public and private data sources, be accessed from anywhere you need and deliver more stability for your operation.

At EfficiencyNext, we are 100% in the cloud ourselves; the flexibility is incredible. We’d be happy to share how we can help you organization too!