Microsoft Clarifies its Azure Support Options

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Microsoft has entered the new year with an updated Azure support page that greatly clarifies the support plans available under Azure ( Prior to this update, a “Free” support column was displayed on the page that included “Web Incident Submission”. This led some Azure customers to believe that when Azure has a technical problem, submission of them for support would be free. This turned out not to be the case; Free “Web Incident Submission” was generally only for billing issues.


With the new revision, the free tier is now gone, with the first support option listed now being “Developer” support, which costs $29 a month. Essentially, if you need to submit a technical ticket to Azure Support, you really need to purchase a plan. The @AzureSupport Twitter handle can receive outage info from customers, but fairly quickly, for specific help, they will advise you to open a ticket.

I’m happy that Microsoft made this change, and clarified its wording. The new page is much clearer that free technical support in general isn’t offered. On occasion, in the case of major outages, Microsoft has offered complimentary technical support, but it wouldn’t be prudent to bank on that being available for all scenarios.

Perhaps one thing to keep in mind is that support plans are purchased at the Microsoft Account level, and applies to all Azure Subscriptions under that account. If you are an IT firm, and setup Azure infrastructures for your customers, it might make sense to ask them if they can have their subscriptions setup on your Microsoft Account, instead of theirs, so that a singular support plan purchase goes farther.

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