EfficiencyNext’s President Talks Office Add-Ins on Office 365 Developer Podcast

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EfficiencyNext’s President, Paul Katz, had a fun time this last week taking part in the Office 365 Developer Podcast. He joined famed hosts Jeremy Thake and Richard DiZerega and discussed the benefits of the Office 365 Add-Ins model, and how it ties in well with Windows Authentication. The podcast can be found on the Microsoft’s Office Blog:


Paul’s love and experience of DC showed up in the Podcast, channeling how the typical hot weather and the local Citi Open tennis tournament go together. Not to mention the DC norm of busy people walking down escalators on the left side while the tourists ride them on the right.

Onto the tech, Paul discussed how EfficiencyNext is deploying Microsoft’s Office Add-Ins model at client sites, which give them instant access to critical business information from their valued Office applications, particularly Outlook, and enables business transactions to be completed much quicker than before. In particular, EfficiencyNext has leveraged automatic Windows Authentication to allow users to automatically authenticate into the systems the Add-Ins access, providing a login-free experience.

The Microsoft Office Add-Ins model represent a tremendous opportunity for organizations on Office 2013 or higher to extract significantly more value out of their existing systems, as well as improve staff productivity.

If you like what you hear on the show, look us up! We’re happy to discuss how we can help your organization implement Add-Ins!