EfficiencyNext Enters Agreement to Support Pistachio Customers

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WASHINGTON, DC – 5/18/2017

EfficiencyNext has entered into an agreement with LimeLeap to directly support Pistachio customers moving forward. Customers running Pistachio have the option of entering into a support agreement directly with EfficiencyNext at the end of their current LimeLeap support term.

For new EfficiencyNext support agreements, no annual software assurance fee will be charged, and the EfficiencyNext hourly support rate for Pistachio will remain at LimeLeap’s prior rate. Pistachio customers will also have the option, through EfficiencyNext, to branch off Pistachio 1.2’s central code base and create customized Pistachio installations specific to their needs.

The developers at EfficiencyNext, many former LimeLeap employees, played key roles in the development of Pistachio, and look forward to providing support and enhancements for its customers going forward. As Paul Katz, the President of EfficiencyNext states “We have the expertise to maintain and support the investment Pistachio customers have placed in their Pistachio developed apps.”

Pistachio is an on-premise SharePoint Web Part based solution. For current Pistachio customers looking to migrate to SharePoint in the cloud, EfficiencyNext stands ready to assist with such transitions, including through leveraging its SharePoint Online friendly data management platform, EfficiencySpring.

“We want to support Pistachio customers on terms of their choosing” Paul adds. “We will support their existing Pistachio investment, as well as provide a path to SharePoint in the cloud if they wish to move in that direction.”