Full Service Development Teams

Many of EfficiencyNext’s DC area clients execute several technology projects a year and require support for the systems and apps that are implemented. For this type of engagement, we establish a consistently available development team for them, complete with a project manager and available developers. As part of this engagement, EfficiencyNext:

  • Analyses an organization’s technology practices, and identifies important technology projects to pursue. This analysis often culminates in the creation of a 3-year technology plan.
  • Works with stakeholders of an organization to come up with any necessary requirements for new development.
  • Implements new systems using a combination of technologies including Microsoft Azure, EfficiencySpring, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and ASP.NET.
  • Provides support for end-users and administrations, as well as database administration.

We prefer this type of engagement when possible, as it facilitates a true partnership between our clients and our staff. The scale of our outsourced development efforts per client ranges from 40 hours a month to well over 300 hours a month, depending on need. EfficiencyNext offers reduced rates for large engagements.